Our priducts was introduced in Japanese Free Paper

Our products, Flower scissors TYPE F-180 was introduced in Jpanese free paper. Free paper “Botapii” is famous free paper in Japan. Flower and Plants. Many thanks. Web https://botapii.jp/


Special scissors and our customer

We supply logo printed scissors to our customer. Our customer is famous garden goods shop in Japan. Web http://www.rgc.tokyo/  


Our products was introduced in Japanese website

Our prodecuts, Flower scissors Type F-170 was introduced in a website “mybest”. “mybest” is a famous goods information website in Japan. Many thanks. mybest https://my-best.com/ Link https://my-best.com/lists/681    


English Label

We can put a english label on one piece paper box and 6pcs inner box.



We will exhibit the exhibition. 9th DESIGN TOKYO TOKYO DESIGN PRODUCTS FAIR Dates: July 4[wed]-6[Fri],2018  10:00-18:00(10:00-17:00 on July 6) Venue: Toyko Big Sight,Japan Web:www.design tokyo.jp/en/ We are wwiting your visiting.  


Special Scissors

We made special scissors for our customers in USA. Special color grip. Logo printed on grip by special color ink. Thanks. https://www.thefloralsociety.com/  


Special shears and our customer

We supply logo printed special shears to our customer. Our customer is famous mail-order site in JAPAN. https://hokuohkurashi.com/    



Our customer’s special shears. Sa:Su Network Gmbh Our distributor in Germany Tel:+49 89 255443-66 Fax:+49 89 255443-69 www.sasu-network.com   Blade is coated by special color. Please check the cutting power of our flower shears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEuQPbhXZAw  



We exhibited LIFESTYLE EXPO.


Imitaton items

It was revealed that a similar product of our product “hand creation F-170” and imitation items are sold in a major net mail-order site in Japan. The shape, the color, the name and indication, etc. are really very similar, but these similar products and imitation items are different from our product in the quality, big again and inferior. “Hand creation” is our trademark. I’ll handle severely about goods with the illegality. In our company, it won’t correspond to a question about a similar product and imitation items. When buying, please confirm the indication of “hand creation” “slope source”. Also please take care as series of scissors “hand creation” for flower arrangements and patronage of our product from now on.


New item

We introduce our new item. A Japanese style herbarium is in fashion in Japan. We sell the scissors most suitable for an arrangement of herbarium   . The balde is thin and sharpe. The color of handle is three color. Red ,Pink and Dark Green.    


Exclusive agency in China

Exclusive agency in China We have a exclusive agency in China. Our Agency as follows: SHANGHAI TORAYA INDUSTRY AND TRADING CO . ,LTD 上海市松江区九亭镇潮富路8号 NO.8 CHAOFU ROAD ,JIUTING TOWN, SONGJIANG DISTRICT,SHANGHAI CHINA TEL : 021-67626158 FAX : 021-67627222 E-mail:toraya_sh@163169.net   Regular imports scissors’s box: QR code is pronted. Regular imports scissors’s handle: 坂源 golden label is applied.  



[:ja]弊社では7月5日(水)~7日(金)の2日間、東京ビッグサイトで開催される「 第8回 DESIGN TOKYO -東京デザイン製品展- 」に参加いたします。 ブース番号:E75-54 三条産地共同小間 http://www.designtokyo.jp[:]



We started Instagram of our formal account.     It’ll be renewed at any time about the product which is being treated at present, a description of business and a new product, so assistance of an account by all means, please.   Our Instagram URL↓ https://www.instagram.com/sakagen_hasami/?hl=ja   https://www.instagram.com/sakagen_hasami/? hl=ja   ※ You can circulate from smart phone or a PC.  


Special Scissors

We made special scissors for our customers in U.K. Thank you very much.   https://www.flowerbx.com/



[:ja]大人気の「ハンドクリエーションF-170」。 お客様のロゴを入れてお作りしました。 東京自由が丘のFlower Kitchen様、ありがとうございました。 ————————————————————– Flower Kitchenは楽天市場ShopOfTheYear2016受賞 フラワーギフト専門店です。 東京自由が丘スタイルちょっとお洒落な、花束・アレンジ、 お誕生日・結婚記念日などのお祝い、またお供え・お悔みのお花などの ギフトフラワーを専門としたお花屋さんです。 植物のある豊かな暮らしをテーマとした観葉植物も多数取り扱いがございます。 人気のパキラねじりタイプやオリーブ等、サイズや用途に合わせてお探しできます。 Flower Kitchen Homeはこちらまで 〒158-0082 世田谷区等々力6-1-3 ホームページ  http://www.rakuten.co.jp/flowerkitchen/ メールアドレス fk.b.todoroki@gmail.com ————————————————————–[:]


News of a Web site renewal

A renewal opened our Web site this time, so I’ll inform you. I’m introducing about our product and a description of business, so please see it by all means. Please, a slope source, we’ll also appreciate your continued support.