Shibuya HIKARIE is exhibited by “d47MESEUM (de Jon Nana museum)”.

Scissors for our gardening “mini creation F” will be exhibited in 47 museum of urban and rural prefectures in the 8th floor of Shibuya HIKARIE in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo “d47MESEUM (de Jon Nana museum)” from the 1st to Sunday, January 27 of next year. It’s exhibited in a plan show in the said museum “good design award in 47GOOD DESIGN -47 urban and rural prefectures-“. douten is industrial goods of good design award winning a prize and the contents which “select locality and the design with which “characteristics of the land” is united every urban and rural prefectures” from a building. Mini creation F sells it in 1999 and wins a good design long life design award in 2010.