Online course

Our customer will start online course for flower arrangement. Willow Crossley in UK. Pre-order & preview https://www.createacademy.com/willow-crossley/   We received good commnet from Ms. Willow Crossley. “The best secateurs of all time” – Willow Crossley Many thanks.   Website:https://www.willowcrossley.com/ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/willowcrossleycreates/


How to hold the grip of our scissors?

We explain how to hold the grip of our scissors.   Set index finger on the depression of handle.   Please check the picture.    



[:ja] オンラインストア「左ききの道具店」様で当社の左利き用ハサミが販売されています。 「左ききの道具店」様は左利きの方向けの商品をオンラインストアで販売しています。 オンラインストアのURL:https://hidari-kiki.shop/ 花ハサミ「ハンドクリエーション」左手用(左利き用):https://hidari-kiki.shop/items/5ed8484772b91105c3c6df3b 生け花用はさみ 左手用(左利き用):https://hidari-kiki.shop/items/5ed849ec34ef0162aa4eff11 庭園用ハサミ(植木ハサミ) 左手用(左利き用):https://hidari-kiki.shop/items/5ed8582555fa034e624871cb    [:]


Special scissors and our customer

We supply logo printed scissors to our customer in Japan. Our customer is online store in Japan. ‘LOVEGREEN’ https://lovegreen-store.net/feature/lgs_flowerscissors https://lovegreen-store.net/products/detail/444 https://lovegreen.net/special/p247415/