Limited product

We will announce the sale of limited product. That is FLOWER SHEARS TYPE F170 with Black Blade. We will sale limited product on Sep 2020. Handle color :Sky Blue, Lime Green. Only 2 color. That product is limited to 1,200PCS. Retail price : JPY3,300 Many Thanks.


Our distributor in Chile

we have offcial distributoe in Chile, South America. Our dsitributor as follows:   PURAVIDA FLORES Address: Nueva Costanera # 4021 Local 4, Vitacura. Santiago, CHILE URL: http://www.puravidaflores.cl E-mail address: contacto@puravidaflores.cl TEL: +56 996193249 Many thanks.  


Our distributor in UK

We have official distributor in London, UK. Our distributor as follows:   SUWADA LONDON Address: 10 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 5HP URL:https://www.suwadalondon.co.uk/ E-mail address: support@suwadalondon.co.uk TEL: +44(0)20 7874 1579 Please contact our distributor directly to enquire about their stock.  


Pruning Shears Type P-180

Very sharp , Good design and light weight. Blade is coated Fluoride.  



[:ja]この度、Twitterでの交流を経て、株式会社スヴェンソン(髪コト)様からコラボ記事を作成していただきました。誠にありがとうございました。 弊社のTwitter担当者のヘアドネーションの体験談や、弊社の花鋏の魅力などを素敵にまとめてくださっていますので、是非ご覧ください。 記事のURL:https://kamikoto.media/interview-sakagen/ 今回、コラボレーションさせていただいた髪コト様は、髪にまつわる「コト」にフォーカスし、髪の大切さを語るメディアを運営されている企業様です。 弊社とのコラボ記事以外にも素敵な記事が沢山ありますので、皆様も是非髪コトさんのHPをチェックしてみてください。 髪コト様公式HP:https://kamikoto.media/ 髪コト様公式Twitter:https://twitter.com/KamikotoMedia ※Twitterはアカウントを持っていないと閲覧できません。      [:]


Special shears and our customer

We supply logo printed shears to our customer in Japan. Our customer is EC flower shop in Japan. Many tahnks. URL:https://atelieracor.com/  


Special scissors and our customer

We made special color scissors for our customer in Japan. Flower Kitchen JIYUGAOKA is very famous EC flower shop in Japan. Olive green color handle is only for Flower Kitchen JIYUGAOKA.   Special color scissors https://www.flowerkitchen-web.com/c/lifestyle/hasami-23 URL:https://www.flowerkitchen-web.com/ Many thanks.