Special scissors and our customer

We made special scissors for SATOMI SUZUKI TOKYO. Blade is gray color. Gray color blade is only for SATOMI SUZUKI TOKYO.                           Scissors information URL: https://www.satomi-suzuki-tokyo.com/product/sakagen/ Sales URL: https://www.satomi-suzuki-tokyo.com/onlone-store/sakagen/   SATOMI SUZUKI TOKYO Co.,Ltd. SHU SHU  Contemporary Japanese Design May thanks. ********************************************************************************* SATOMI SUZUKI TOKYO Co.,Ltd. now offer their special “SHUSHU model” pieces in minimalist design, treated with grey florist to enhance dirt-proofness.   SATOMI SUZUKI TOKYO Co.,Ltd. They develop and produce contemporary Japanese lifestyle and design goods in cooperation with Japanese craftsmen. URL: https://www.satomi-suzuki-tokyo.com/   SHU SHU  Contemporary Japanese Design SHU SHU is an online store which offers Japanese design products in Germany. Using German lifestyles and perspectives, we work with Japanese manufacturing companies to produce MADE IN JAPAN products which are loved around the world. URL:https://www.satomi-suzuki-tokyo.com/english/  


Beautiful photographs and Finnish magazine

We received some beautiful photographs form customer in Finland. And our product was introduced by a Finnish magazine. Many thanks.   Our customer and distributor in Finland Floranna Oy Web: http://www.floranna.fi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flowerstore_floranna/


Black Blade EC SHOP in Japan

EC SHOP in Japn https://item.rakuten.co.jp/plantz/sakagen-f170bk/ https://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/plantz/sakagen-f170bk.html https://wowma.jp/item/499407911 Many thanks.  


Scissors with a logo

Dear Sirs/Madams, Now, we have many orders of the scissors with a logo from many domestic and abroad customers. But to concentrate on production of our main items, we will suspend receipt new order of scissors with a logo until August 31, 2021 from May 1, 2021. Many thanks