Special scissors and our customer

We supply logo printed scissors to our customer in Taiwan. Our customer is famous flower shop in Taiwan. Many thanks. CNWebsite: http://www.cnflower.com.tw Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cnflower Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cnflowerofficial/ CNStores:https://www.cnflower.com.tw/cn/en/store/ About CNFlwoer: https://www.cnflower.com.tw/cn/en/story/        


Imitation items in China

It was revealed that a similar product of our product “hand creation F-170” and imitation items are sold in a major net mail-order site in China. The shape, the color, the name and indication, etc. are really very similar, but these similar products and imitation items are in inferior the quality to our products. When buying, please confirm the indication of “hand creation” “SAKAGEN 坂源”. Also please take care as series of scissors “hand creation” for flower arrangements and patronage of our product from now on.


Our priducts was introduced in Japanese Free Paper

Our products, Flower scissors TYPE F-180 was introduced in Jpanese free paper. Free paper “Botapii” is famous free paper in Japan. Flower and Plants. Many thanks. Web https://botapii.jp/


Special scissors and our customer

We supply logo printed scissors to our customer. Our customer is famous garden goods shop in Japan. Web http://www.rgc.tokyo/  


Our products was introduced in Japanese website

Our prodecuts, Flower scissors Type F-170 was introduced in a website “mybest”. “mybest” is a famous goods information website in Japan. Many thanks. mybest https://my-best.com/ Link https://my-best.com/lists/681