Imitaton items

It was revealed that a similar product of our product “hand creation F-170” and imitation items are sold in a major net mail-order site in Japan. The shape, the color, the name and indication, etc. are really […]


New item

We introduce our new item. A Japanese style herbarium is in fashion in Japan. We sell the scissors most suitable for an arrangement of herbarium   . The balde is thin and sharpe. The color of handle is three color. Red , […]


Exclusive agency in China

Exclusive agency in China We have a exclusive agency in China. Our Agency as follows: SHANGHAI TORAYA INDUSTRY AND TRADING CO . ,LTD 上海市松江区九亭镇潮富路8号 NO.8 CHAOFU ROAD ,JIUTING TOWN, SONGJIANG DISTRICT,SHANGHAI CHINA TEL : […]



We started Instagram of our formal account.     It’ll be renewed at any time about the product which is being treated at present, a description of business and a new product, so assistance of an account b […]


Special Scissors

We made special scissors for our customers in U.K. Thank you very much.   https://www.flowerbx.com/